Profile Interiors are fully authorised Corian® fabricators. Corian® is a versatile material produced by DuPont that can be used to create an almost limitless amount of solid surface design forms. Corian® is easy to maintain, simple to repair, and stain resistant which makes it the perfect choice for many types of surface, particularly in areas where hygiene is important. Corian® is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality certified, non-porous and mould-resistant, making it well-suited for use in the healthcare industry.

Corian® is currently leading the way in functional interior design; it can be moulded, thermoformed, inlaid, carved, routed or worked like wood to give the desired effect for your bespoke interior. With over 100 colours available, Corian's® potential is limited only by your imagination! To discuss how Corian® could be used in your project, please contact us for further details.

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Profile Interiors are able to offer bespoke upholstery as part of their interior manufacturing services. Our skilful upholsterer is able to handle all aspects of upholstery in a wide range of fabrics including leather, faux Leather and fabrics. Not only are we able to upholster furniture such as chairs, sofas and footstools, we are also able to create unique features such as upholstered wall panelling and decorative soft furnishings.

We are always happy to discuss potential projects with clients, so if you've got a bespoke project that you're unsure about, please contact us to discuss.


With a diverse metal fabricator at our disposal, Profile Interiors are able to provide clients with a full set of metalwork services, carried out in various finishes including paint powder coating. Whether you require small metal parts for assembly, bespoke metal features such as handles, or large metalwork structures, we have the ability to achieve almost any vision using the very latest skills, processes, and tools.

The Profile Interiors team always enjoy a challenge, and no two of our projects are the same. If you've got a challenging project that you'd like to discuss, please get in touch.

Perspex® Acrylic

Profile Interiors manufacture items using high quality Perspex® acrylic, which is well known in the industry for being the very best type of acrylic on the market. This versatile material has many uses across large and small scale applications including furniture, lighting, and artistic features. Available in different colours, shades, shapes, textures and visual effects, Perspex® acrylic can be lasered, shaped, machined, milled and drilled, as well as formed, bent, printed, glued and polished into any number of forms. UV bonded Perspex® is available.

The design possibilities using Perspex® are almost limitless, so if you've got a potential project in mind and would like to discuss how Perspex could be used, please get in touch.

Lighting & Electrics

Profile Interiors are competent in providing clients with lighting and electrical works as part of their interior services. Whether it's back lit features, illuminated display cabinets, integrated lighting, or surface mounted lighting; we have the ability to handle all angles of the job.

Not only are we able to install lighting and electrics, we also have the design capabilities to manufacture lighting in a number of different materials and processes. By providing this service, our customers benefit from seamless coordination and efficiency. To discuss how Profile Interiors can work for you, please get in touch.

Hardware & Accessories

Further to manufacturing our own interior items using a number of modern and traditional processes, we are able to source hardware and accessories from external suppliers to fulfil our designs. From lift, hinge, and pull-out kitchen solutions from Blum, to furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic locking systems and technical hardware from Hafele, we have a strong network of external suppliers who we trust to supply us with high-end goods.

If you have a product from a supplier in mind, then contact us today to discuss how we can work it into a bespoke interior for your home or commercial premises.

Stone & Granite

Granite and stone is a hardwearing natural material that is popular for creating attractive interiors, particularly in kitchens. Profile Interiors have access to a range of stone suppliers that allow us to create many different types of stone and granite items, such as desk and wall cladding, and kitchen countertops. Stone and granite items can be finished in a range of textures and colours.

Once designs have been manufactured, our suppliers install your stone / granite features to ensure a premium finish. To discuss how our stone and granite work services may work for you, get in touch today.

Paint Finishes

Profile Interiors have the advantage of having in-house paint facilities for all types of paintwork. The paint finishes available include stain, lacquers, and high gloss polish. From fine hand painting to spray painting, we handle paintwork on a variety of surfaces and using a number of different application methods, to achieve the desired finish.

To discuss our painting services or to talk to a member of our team about a potential interior project, feel free to drop us a line.


Profile Interiors work closely with glass suppliers who are able to deliver all aspects of glass work to suit requirements. We work with clear glass, mirror glass as well as special finishes such as bronze and antique glass, to create glass display cabinets, back-painted splash-backs, bevelled glass mirrors and other specialised glass structures. Not only are we able to source the glass items, we also provide fitting and finishing services to ensure that you receive the same high standards from design to installation.

For more information about our previous glass work, or to discuss a potential project, please contact us for further details.


By combining modern CAD technology with traditional veneering capabilities, we are able to provide clients with extensive veneering services to produce almost any design. Wood veneering allows us to manufacture items that have all of the natural beauty of solid wood, but are much more stable - The tightly packed crisscross structure of the layers of glued wood means that wood veneer sheets are often thinner than natural wood, but often more durable. Wood veneers are hardwearing, environmentally friendly, and often have the most beautiful natural wood grain features, making them popular for use in high-end furniture design.

If you'd like to discuss how we may be able to enhance your interior using wood veneer, please get in touch.