Working alongside the main contractor we were selected to take care of this large shop fit in the heart of Chelsea London. A UK flagship store so quality, attention to detail and practicality were key.


  • Full site survery
  • CAD design and construction drawings
  • Manufacture
  • CNC machining
  • Spraying of glass
  • Corian fabrication
  • LED lighting
  • Metalwork
  • Laminating


Being a flagship store and with high volume of foot traffic longevity was important so careful selection of durable materials and high-quality manufacture and install was our aim which we delivered.

Being in a residential area there were restriction to working hours, the building was also old with not a single level / straight wall or floor but nonetheless we completed on time, the main contractor and their client were delighted with the finished article.

Item’s inlcuded:

  • Consultatipon desk x6
  • Entrance bridge
  • Entrance wall panelling
  • Entrance slatted ceiling
  • Entrance Corian map wall
  • Entrance mosaic wall
  • Reception desk x2
  • Lounge video wall
  • Lounge wall panelling
  • Lounge ceiling raft
  • Circular floor X2
  • Circular bench X2
  • Ceiling feature X4
  • Wall and door
  • Front bar
  • Rear bar
  • Louvered doors
  • Slatted screen wall X3
  • Slatted signage wall
  • Wall bays
  • Feature wall
  • Cabinets
  • Boat
  • Sail
  • Floating gaming pods
  • Kids TV unit
  • Slatted screen wall
  • Slatted graphic wall
  • Circular floor
  • Upright posts
  • Column cladding
  • Display cabinets
  • Timber screen
  • Slatted lightbox wall
  • Wall mirror
  • Semi circular wall table
  • Sliding screen
  • Timber screen
  • Column cladding
  • Ceiling raft